[SCA-WEST:2277] new archery source (plug)

Fri Jul 21 08:11:57 PDT 1995

Hey Archers,

I have joined some other lists,  and saw this and thought it might be 
interesting, maybe he does mail order?


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> Subject:       [SCA-WEST:2277] new archery source (plug)

> Greetings Archers of the West
> Since SCA archers are constantly looking for sources of 
> equipment, I feel it appropriate to announce the opening of a 
> new shop specializing in traditional archery. It is run 
> by Lord Andras Truemark, who has recently moved to the 
> West from An Tir. Ld. Andras is squire to Sir Barak 
> Ravensfury, has won just about every target archery 
> award in An Tir, and as a combat archer won the title of 
> Kingdom Protector of An Tir. In 105 degree heat at the 
> Darkwood Archery Tourney last week, he shot an 
> astonishing IKAC score of 303, beating the second place 
> finisher (me) by 70 points. He is very fast. 
> His shop is called Redwood Empire Archery, and is 
> located at 3510 J Industrial Dr. in Santa Rosa (707) 
> 575-8954. He sells new and used bows, traditional 
> arrows, quivers, etc. SCA members get a flat 20% 
> discount (for example, Martin X-100 bows, arguably the 
> best bow for SCA combat, are $90). He is planning a 
> variety of classes and seminars. Ld. Andrus is a welcome 
> addition to our Kingdom. 
> In Service,
> Martin Whistler

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