R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Fri Jul 21 16:50:17 PDT 1995

>FYI Litch, the populace members of the Shire of Tempio backed Ld. Theodric in
>this venture, as well as myself.(I am co-autocrat, a local officer and a
>Regional Officer.)  Just where does it say that Kingdom officers can only do
>their specified jobs?  Some of us just happen to have friends who will
>support us in almost anything unlike others...

Support is wonderful and a necessary condition for any undertaking of such
magnitude, but it is not sufficent. There is only so much time any person
has available to devote to the various activites in thier life, if you get
stretched too thin then you cannot give your responsabilities the time and
effort they require to be done and done well.

>BTW  all the Black Stars for August were labeled AND mailed today along with
>all the prep. for Coronation.  Happy?!?

Great, you accomplishe d the MINIMUM acceptable level, how much better
might it have been if you had more time to devote to it?

>Moriel***(who like so many others can't pass up a good challenge)

There is a difference between a good challange and unreasonable expectations.

A great deal of care should be given to how much one person can reasonably
be expected to do. People who tend to volunteer for high demand jobs like
Kingdom Chronicler (or Autocrat for Coronation) tend to be very type "A"
sorts. They often do not have the distance to see when they are getting in
over thier heads. So what happens is you get a handful of overly dedicated
ppl who give everything they have until they get so burned out they can't
play anymore. Which leads to annother problem with the uberscadians, they
take so many responsabilities on themselves that they tend to shut out
other people from the positions of responsability, so when they do burn out
you wind up with no one with the experience to replace them.

It would be a damn good policy to not allow kingdom officers (or regional
officers or even local officers) to run events during their tenure in
office. We have LOTS of people in the society, if you let them (and
encourage them) we should have more then enough people to be responable for
our events.


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