Black Star (Pet Peeve)

R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Fri Jul 21 16:50:22 PDT 1995

>It has nothing to do with public dissention.  Expressing discontent about
>rules, regulations, traditions, is one thing. A bunch of people whom an
>individual has never even met jumping on his/her case about the way s/he
>does a *volunteer* job is another thing.

Again, what does it matter if a job is volunteer or not, the question in
either case is "How well is it done." People were not "jumping on his case"
they were talking about problems that exist, I didn't see anyone laying
blame or pointing fingers (with the possible exception of me, and I was
blaming people higher up the chain).

>  Excluding yourself, Michael,
>because you invite it, I am not in favor of personal attacks of any kind
>over the "net" unless it's between two individuals and not in a public

Nice to have such consistant personal ethics. Just how do you determine who
is "inviting it?" People you don't like or disagree with? How convienient.
In any event, the discussion (until recently) has not consisted of
"personal attacks" and even then there is something a bit more forthright
about makiing an honest complaint (which seems to be your definition of a
"personal attack") in a pulic forum.



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