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Sun Jul 23 15:24:07 PDT 1995

>IN response to:
>>I too, have a problem with the way the Blackstar is being done.  Not >only
>are the event announcement all screwed up
>Yes the events have not always been in the perfect order but the August issue
>is the closest yet.  I know you haven't seen it but give it time.  There will
>still be some out of order and there will always be because of the layout of
>a 2 page announcemen.
>> but their Majesties letters to the populace have also been left out.  >They
>faxed one letter from the BOD meeting in An Tir and I >personally called the
>Chronicler to say it might be late, but it was >being faxed to him.  It was
>indeed faxed, but still left out.
>Yes, I did receive a call about the fax from An Tir.  And yes I did indeed
>receive said fax.  However your statement about it not being in the June
>issue is false.  Pages 22-23 did infact have a reprinted letter from their
>Majesties.  The reason it was on those pages is because it came in on the
>afternoon of the same day that I had already taken it to the printer that
>morning.  No time to rework the issue.  I could not leave a page blank and
>wait to find out that it was longer.
>>Their last letter was sent in on time and was even the LAST letter of >their
>reign, but it wasn't in the Blackstar.  
>>In Service, Rhiain
>The July issue of the Black star had been at the printers for approx. 30
>hours before I received the July issue fax.  You state that it was sent on
>time, however the faxed copy has a print out date of 9 July 1995, and in the
>mid PM time.  The Black Star needs to be in the printers shop the morning of
>the 8th to try to insure that it will be in the mail on the 20th.
>I am sorry if the above facts are annoying to anyone but I have tried to be
>as fair as possible on the items being late.  I suppose this has to stop
>somewhere so, there will be a page in the Sept. issue that will have the
>dates, sizes etc. of event announcements and reports.  There will be a cut
>off time (always has) and late fees for anything being late.
>Sorry for the tirade but what was said needed to be corrected.
>I still stand in humble servitude to the Dream
     I think you're doing a fine job.  I'm sure you realize that any time
you take a Kingdom Office, especially one as highly visible as Chronicler,
you acquire a target the size of a small bullfighting arena on your
backside.  I  keep myself well-oiled, and let it all just sliiiiiide off.

Cynric (former Kingdom MoAS, Star Signet, Sable Scroll, ad nauseum...)
                                 ] Tamquam Refert [


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