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Mon Jul 24 05:52:16 PDT 1995

Good Morning,

  Well I thought I'd send out a little message about what I remember of
  Coronation. (And it was a dry site even!)

  I truly liked the layered setup of the hall. It was great to get to
  sit in back and still see! It was almost as if they had designed it
  for such occasions. The trying to cover up some of the mundanity of
  it being a high school caffeteria was good, but not quite enough.
  (The silly sign about thinking was right in front of me though. And
  the clock always saying 2:50 was confusing.)

  The schedule seemed to be typical SCA timeframes. *smile* I was very
  glad to get a good stretching bout between the stepping down court and
  the coronation court. (Although there didn't seem to be an anouncement
  before the coronation court started. It was just sorta there and in
  your face all of the sudden.) I didn't stay for the late court to know
  what happened then.

  As for music, I have to admit that the live performances (even with
  some drummer changing drums after every song *grin*) were *much*
  better than the silly taped music. I might have been a little biased
  since the musicians were playing about 10' from my table during feast.

  There were *lots* of awards (with a bunch (19?) of Knights holding the
  sword of state during the first court; I only saw about a half a dozen
  during the coronation court) including a Laurel for Ariela (sp),
  something for Moriel (if I remember correctly), and the new Baron and
  Baroness of Stargate being announced. (Michael Silverhand and ???)

  Probably lots more happened, but my memory ain't what it used to be.
  (And get worse every day apparently.)


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