A couple more questions on war

I. Marc Carlson IMC at vax2.utulsa.edu
Mon Jul 24 06:53:45 PDT 1995

<Catherine<n.b-reid at mail.utexas.edu (Nancy Bradford-Reid)>>
>A) Does *Master* Cynric ring a bell?  You know, the guy who got his laurel
>for, among other things, research and performance of period persussion

What?  Am I supposed to genuflect at the title?  If he's the scholar that
the title says he ought to be, he'll understand why I asked. *Particularly*
since I don't know anything about him.

Allow me to be blunt for a moment, Good Lady.  I have seen more misinformation
and academic legend spread by member of the Order of the Laurel who should have
known better and assumed that people would just accept that they knew what they
were talking about because of the award.  Master Cynric may well have received
his award for "research and performance of period percussion instruments" but
that neither mandates nor denies that he has any other knowledge than educated
guesswork on their military applications.  *I* don't know either way since
I've never heard of him before now, but then I've only been in the Society
for 13 or so years (I know, some some stupid provincial trapped in the
hinterlands in his ivory tower...)

>B) Probably because we no longer march into battle.  With the almost
>complete move to guerrilla-type warfare, drums have been found to be a
>little impractical.  They tend to, um, let the enemy know where you are.

The question was, um, rhetorical.

>Only my humble opinions, I'm sure more learned folks will have more to say.



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