C11Hartel at C11Hartel at
Mon Jul 24 09:55:12 PDT 1995

Greetings to all!

Many thanks to everyone who attended Coronation!  I hope you all had an
enjoyable time.  What I would like is FEEDBACK from those who were there.
 I'm not sure if it would be more appropriate to have this privately mailed
to me (c11hartel at
or put on the net.  

What I would like is ANY feedback, positve, negative, helpful hints for a
smoother event., etc.  Some of the problems we are working on allready is a
smoother sign-in system, and more coverings for mundane items.  On the side,
I was very happy with the time schedule.  It was only 45 minutes off what
Patrick and Julia had given Tempio.  Not too bad for such a large event.

Thank you all again...
Moriel***(the exhausted, yet releived that it's over co-autocrat)
quarterly vert and erminois
a maunch counterchanged...

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