Black Star (Pet Peeve)

Mordraut Freyulf mordraut at
Mon Jul 24 10:04:20 PDT 1995

>My, aren't we being gracious by excluding Michael from "our" house?  
>Personally, I'd prefer "our" house to be open to anyone who wants to 
>visit, even if they drag the mud in.  I don't like the mud, but I 
>don't find it much more pleasant when people try to rub offenders' 
>noses in it like bad puppy dogs to make them behave like _we_ think 
>they should. As Michael has pointed out in the past, we frequently take 
>a rather hypocritical "moral" high ground in our responses to him. (Or 
>am I the only person in the world who thinks it's a bit ironic for 
>somebody who is supposedly in the right to tell somebody in public 
>that they "invite inflammatory comments by being belligerant, 
>abusive, insulting, petty, and rude?"  It just seems like a pretty 
>belligerant, abusive, and insulting comment to me, even 
>if it may be right.  You know, sometimes Michael is right, too.)

        Michael is as Michael does.  Having been involved in a couple of
*heated* discussions with him in the past, I may not like what he says, but
I'll defend his right to say it.  Anyone remember the Constitution??  It has
precedence in the SCA.  Type on Michael.  To the people that don't want to
listen, don't.

>The only "owner" of this house that I would accept excluding Michael from 
>the "our" portion of "our house" is Pug.  And that would mean it's 
>Michael's house, too.  And as I recall, he was here before a lot of 
>us were.

        I'm not sure, but I think he was here after me, and I was here after
Pug, but that's about it.

>Really, is it OK to stomp on somebody because they stomp on others?
>(Not necessarily a rhetorical question, there, either.)
>I'm willing to put up with Michael's sh*t for the occasional rare 
>gem he brings in as well.  The real trick is to teach the people who 
>he offends to ignore him before they are driven off.   

        Agreed, hopefully most people will look at the list as a whole,
before leaving.  The thing is, we worry about being polite, to the point of
not dealing with certian issues.  Michael does not do this.  Of course,
there are times when he takes it too far.

>C'mon, Michael, if you want, you can share my bit of carpet over here in 
>the corner until they throw us both out into the backyard;  you for 
>being an ass, and me for being an idiot.

        I think I'll join you, if you don't mind, since I fit both catagories.


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