Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Mon Jul 24 10:12:48 PDT 1995

> There were *lots* of awards (with a bunch (19?) of Knights holding the
> sword of state during the first court; I only saw about a half a dozen
> during the coronation court) including a Laurel for Ariela (sp),
> something for Moriel (if I remember correctly), and the new Baron and
> Baroness of Stargate being announced. (Michael Silverhand and ???)

> Probably lots more happened, but my memory ain't what it used to be.
> (And get worse every day apparently.)

Well, can *anyone* tell us poor-unfortunates-who-live-in-the-far-north 
more? :)

Especially, 1) Was a Lion given out? To who? (Hopefully a lady). 
            2) Any other peers created? Who? 
            3) Anything else affecting the entire kingdom? What?

Otherwise, just a general report of absolutely everything that happened 
will suffice.  :)


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