Black Star (Pet Peeve)

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Mon Jul 24 10:13:17 PDT 1995

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>C'mon, Michael, if you want, you can share my bit of carpet over here in 
>the corner until they throw us both out into the backyard;  you for 
>being an ass, and me for being an idiot.

Hey Litch, if Gunhilda will share part of her carpet, I'll share share part
of my meal rations.

Wasn't it Viking hospitality or some other culture who stressed hospitality
to ALL reguardless of who they were?

Litch may madden many of us at times but he DOES cause us to thingk about
things.  All too often we take the world and its offerings for granted.  It
doesn't hurt to have opposition for in opposition we can become stronger and
more united.  Without opposition where would we be?

Thanks Gunhilda for your cool words.


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