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Mon Jul 24 11:54:48 PDT 1995

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Good Evening,

This is taken from a discussion on the Ansteorra mailing list where I have
been in some people's perception criticising the way things work.

>Further, unlike you, I still play with this Kingdom, and so do others who
>respond on this list.  You, as far as I have seen, never show your face.

The reason I am posting this to the group is that I have always heard that
one is allowed to play in the Society as much or as little as you care or
have time to. The closest I can come to playing do to mundane concerns for
the last couple of months is participate in a mailing list and run a
kingdom webpage(sadly in need of updating). Does that mean I should not
kibbitz? How much particpation is required to entitle someone to express
thier opinions about what occurs?

In general i try not to comment upon topics which I have no knowledge or
where I feel my perspective is too limited by my lack of exposure to the
recent currents. I try to focus my attentions towards more general subject,
organization, ways to run offices, and such historical subjects as I do
have some grasp of.

So, how much do you have to play in order to have some say?


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