Black Star (Pet Peeve)

Pug pug at
Mon Jul 24 12:50:16 PDT 1995

> The only "owner" of this house that I would accept excluding Michael from 
> the "our" portion of "our house" is Pug.

Good luck getting me to exclude *anyone*!! We already went through this
long ago. I don't care who it is, it'll take a helluvalot of "badness"
coming through *on* the list for me to do it. (Without legal or crown
edict.) Anything in private is definately private and will *never*
involve me as the list maintainer.

> And that would mean it's 
> Michael's house, too.  And as I recall, he was here before a lot of 
> us were.

Yep. As Mordraut said, he was one of the first half-dozen users. (Not
making him right, but dating his pressence.) In general, you can look
at the who list to see who was here first. I am not first cause I
tested the unsubscribe/subscribe stuff. Litch is 14th cause he moved
from to (Unfortunately there are no time stamps
associated with it.)

> The real trick is to teach the people who 
> he offends to ignore him before they are driven off.   

The real trick is to not be drawn into it. Plain and simple.


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