R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Mon Jul 24 13:56:02 PDT 1995

>        You invite inflammatory comments by being belligerant, abusive,
>insulting, petty, and rude. You do this to people who have done nothing to
>you other than disagree with you, or object to your abuse of others. This is
>(in my observation) a singular case, only involving you.

I object to the charge of being petty, and abuse is very much something
which is in the eye of the beholder. Further do you really think I am the
only person in this discussion which has evinced such behavior?

>You attempt to
>justify these actions under the guise of being "honest". I, personally, know
>hundreds of honest people in the SCA, who do not need to resort to such
>measures to portray their "honesty".

Not precisely true, honesty is a motive in my behavior, a very important
one but not the sole motivator. There is also an aesthetic concern and a
pure utilitarian one, I find my style of discourse effective. There is even
a spiritual motive for my choice of style.

>        Allow me to point out to you a simple fact of human interaction.
>Most people (a least, those who are skilled in basic courtesy) will keep
>displays of "negative emotion" private,

Quite a few people do, and it is much more common here in the south than
in some of the areas I was rasied in, but is it per force a good thing?
Fannie Flagg's book _Fried Green Tomatoes_ gives an interesting examination
of the subject.

> lest they embarass themselves, or
>start rumors, or unwittingly damage another's reputation. You, apparently,
>have no sense of embarrassment, nor a care for anyone else's feelings. This
>does you no credit.

On the contrary, I have an acute sense of self-possesion I mearly am
embarrassed by different things than you.

>        If we all get together and buy a house, and invite other people into
>it; we expect them to behave as we desire. If they do not, they would not be
>welcomed back.

I assume you have talked with pug about getting me removed from the mailing
list? It is your priveldge of course to try but don't pretend that you are
doing anything other than attempting to censor me.

> I am sure that you don't really believe that so many of us
>disapprove of you. Or perhaps you don't care.

And I am equally sure that you overestimate the popularity of your
position, however in any event it is unimportant. I am not involved in a
popularity contest. I am expressing my opinions, generally in the only way
in which
I feel they can truely be expressed. I do not intend to modify my behaivior
to suit your taste. If you find this unacceptable you may contact the list
adminestrator and ask him to remove me or contact your site support about
setting up a mail filter.

>I don't want an answer, a tally, or any sort of report back. This is purely
>for your benefit. However, I've been in this group for awhile, and am fairly
>certain of the outcome. If I'm right, Michael, remember; it's OUR house.

"The worst enemy of truth and freedom in our society is the compact majority"

>                  Alden Pharamond


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