Vicki zarazena at
Tue Jul 25 17:12:21 PDT 1995

On Mon, 24 Jul 1995, Deborah Sweet wrote:


> Maybe we need affirmative action in order to support the ladies of 
> Ansteorra? Or at least more *notice* taken of the ladies who *are* or 
> *may* *soon* be Lion material? 
> Estrill

If someone is being unfairly passed over the passers should have their 
error pointed out, and should correct it if they can.

But please, please never give me any award based on anything other than 
my merit. And do not give me any award I am *almost* ready for. If you do 
you forever take away my chance to actually earn that award.

Ask anyone who feels they got an award for any reason other than merit if 
they are glad about it and I'll bet they say no. This is not a way to do 
someone a favor.

And remember, each of us has the opportunity to help the crown notice 
those who deserve awards. How many Lion recomendations have you sent in?


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