Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Mon Jul 24 15:25:40 PDT 1995

Savian quotes me:

>> Maybe we need affirmative action in order to support the ladies of 

I was being slightly facetious here (maybe I should have put in the 
smiley face).

>And do not give me any award I am *almost* ready for. If you do you 
>forever take away my chance to actually earn that award.

I just meant to *watch* the potential lady lions, not award it 
prematurely. It's not like there's an equivalent to squires/cadets/ 
apprentices in the persona development field.

And whenever someone around here felt that they hadn't earned an award 
they had received, it's usually made them work harder. 

>And remember, each of us has the opportunity to help the crown notice 
>those who deserve awards. How many Lion recommendations have you sent 

Well, I must admit that I've not sent any in. The idea of suggesting 
someone's name for the *Lion* has simply not occurred to me, probably 
because of the special nature and high reverence that is accorded the 
recipients of this award. I've sent in many names for various other, 
lower-, mid-, and high-level, awards. Quite a few have been granted, 
some have not. But now that you've shaken me out of this particular rut, 
I will give some thought to who, among my acquaintance (which is 
limited), could be overlooked and deserving of this award.


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