Mon Jul 24 22:31:44 PDT 1995

Moriel got an Iris and a Star of Merrit. Don Durmast got a Star of 
Merrit. HL Gwen the Lizard Keeper and her lord Don Zorcon got Court 
I don't remember all the awards. I was busy helping Kief tracking 
down Local Heralds and handing out OPs.

There was only 1 peer made Ariella in M&M's court.

Patrick and Julia gave mostly local awards out and not many of those.
They did not meet with any of the circles. Their meeting list for 
circles will be announced in the Black Star.

As far as I can remember the most farreaching thing that happened at 
the court was the appointment of Michael Silverhands and Nyssa the 
Obstreperous to the position of Baron and Baroness of the StarGate by 
Patrick and Julia.

Otherwise I saw lots of people I haden't seen in a while and got to 
show some newcomers around. 

You guys who didn't go to the camping site to revel missed some 
righteous bardic. It lasted till after I left (4am). Bards of note 
were James ap Benyl (his new war anthem is a keeper) and Hawk 
Blackthorn (who sang wonderfully despite a fuzzy throat).


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