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Mon Jul 24 21:41:16 PDT 1995

Pug wrote: 
>  There were *lots* of awards (with a bunch (19?) of Knights holding 
>  sword of state during the first court; I only saw about a half a 
>  during the coronation court)

We were having a bit of fun during Michael's last court. We were trying 
to get every knight on site to hold the Sword of State. Even Patrick 
held it for a while. I hope we weren't too disruptive. I don't think 
Michael or Michaela noticed.
Patrick and Julia's court was more normal. What we normally do is trade 
off from time to time when we feel like it. 
The Sword of State is almost always held by a knight. Sometimes the 
King's Champion gets to do it. Or sometimes one of the King's squires.

Kein MacEwan

mka Keith Ewing

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