How about them Cavaliers!

James Crouchet crouchet at
Wed Mar 1 10:46:36 PST 1995

We did a bank grand opening one time.  Very rich.  They though we ye olde 
history types were most amusing.

We have a general policy about demos.  If we are doing a school or 
educational group, or if it is a recruiting or PR demo we do it free 
(though we DO accept donations if they choose to give them). If we are 
working as actors or entertainment we expect a donation to be made to the 
barony. This helps keep folks from using us as a free service and taking 
jobs away from actors and entertainers. It also brings in a bit of cash.

We also work three different Ren fairs each year.  At the two that are
local we run our own games and keep some or all of the proceeds for our
treasury. We have invested some funds in backdrops and equipment for our
games, but we have long since recouped those costs and turned a healthy
profit. The third fair (TRF) pays our barony on a per-person, per-hour
worked basis. 

This combination of activities has kept our barony financially 
comfortable for years now. We have a nice, large pavilion, excellent 
thrones, good cookware and assorted other items that make our lives more 
pleasant at events -- all paid for from our treasury.

This is all just food for thought for those of you who may be struggling 
to make ends meet in your areas. After all, the more groups that have 
good stuff, the better all the SCA's events look.


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