Weather at Lyonesse

James Crouchet crouchet at
Wed Mar 1 11:58:49 PST 1995

I have seen a couple of posts now talking about the "bad weather at 
Lyonesse" this weekend. While the weather-guys were predicting rain and 
nastiness that was before recent developments. 

The front they were looking at has come through much sooner (and colder)
than they had though and the latest I have heard (Tuesday night news) the
weather should be partly cloudy with lows in the high 40s and highs in the
mid 70s.  A bit chilly for native Texans, but dry and well within camping

In short, nothing some long underware, a good bardic fire and a warm 
sleeping bag won't fix.

So, does anyone have a more recent weather report (mine is from the 
Tuesday night news)?


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