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Fri Mar 3 16:44:42 PST 1995

> >  Even though this is a computer list, it has the Kingdom of Ansteorra's name
> > attached to it.
> Hmm and if I make a list with the Fedral Reserve's Name attached to it do I
> get to regulate the prime?

  No, but if they so choose, I bet they could have you change the name
  as well as attempt to prosocute you on the grounds of trying to
  impersonate a government entity.

> The name of the mailing list is ansteorra at That is non-sca.

  It is questionable if the name ansteorra would have to change if the
  Society so chose it. I do not know for certain that Ansteorra is Copy
  Righted or Trademarked, or whatever the silly legality of it is.

> Will your husband + friends threaten to beat me up again? Will they use thier
> spurs?

  Now this is silly, stupid and uncalled for. There is no need to start
  insulting the nobility.


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