authenticity & heavy weapons & Conor

Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Wed Mar 1 09:37:13 PST 1995

>> I will be briefly at Lyonesse.  My squire, Conor mac Cinneide, is 
>> to be knighted at morning court.

Mikjal Annarbjorn:

>Gee, I wished we'd gotten some advanced notice.  Alexandria wanted to
>send a knighting gift.  I guess we'll have to wait until Pennsic,
>unless you can talk Conor into coming up for Lillies in June.

Seeing as how Conor mac Cinneide is the current Guardian of 
Mooneschadoweshire, he will in all likelihood be at Interkingdom, June 
30 - July 3, since it's being hosted by Mooneschadowe this year. 

Estrill Swet
Stillwater, OK

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