abusive e-mail from Litch

Pug pug at arlut.utexas.edu
Wed Mar 1 09:57:37 PST 1995

> Neither Litch nor Pug would respond positivly to private email.  
> This is what it took.

Good Morning,

  I must appologize for a few things, not any of which is any one
  particular person's fault. Some of them appear to be mine, and I would
  love to claim responsibility for them.

  I had 1, yes 1, user approach me with 1, yes 1, incident. This person
  also appeared to be asking me if what they had done was wrong, which I
  clearly stated it was not, and if anything, was my fault for having
  the mail return directly to the list without notifying users. To me,
  this is not a case, but an isolated incident. How should I react to that?
  Well I feel I did the correct thing. If this had persisted I would
  have talked to all parties involved to try and resolve this problem
  without a public display. If this makes me a bad person, so be it. I
  do not think that anyone else should react in a matter different than I
  did given what information I had, and the circumstances.

  Second, I have been informed that some of these people who were
  flamed, feel that somehow they were at fault for something. The only
  reason I have not stated anything about this earlier is that it seemed
  obvious to me that the people approached were not guilty of anything.
  It is a matter that Litch can be abbrasive to those not used to his
  style, especially in private email. I know that if he is given the
  chance he behaves well. Backing him into a corner is not a way to get
  him to change though, it just makes him more pissed off.


Phelim Uhtred Gervase

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