Can we vote.

Pug pug at
Wed Mar 1 10:06:35 PST 1995

> Cool!  Take all the time you need and if you need help, I'm sure that any
> of us would be willing to give assistance

Don't worry, each and every last one of you will atleast have to read
each draft of the Charter and make comments on it. There is no way
around that. *evil grin*

> Thanks, I know this has been stressful for you.  You've
> been handling it very well.

I'm glad someone thinks so. It has certainly caused for many hours of
email and a few headaches. *smile*

> BTW, how do you pronounce your SCA name?

How do I pronounce it? Phelim (fee - LIM) Uhtred (oo - TRED) Gervase (ger
- VAZ) I have no idea if that makes any sense, or if it's correct, but
it's how I say it. *smile*


Phelim Uhtred Gervase

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