How about them Dodgers?

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Dia duit, a Dhunstana!

 [Replying to a message of "I. Marc Carlson"  to All]

 "MC> In a couple of weeks, the Shire of Northkeep will be doing a demo for
 "MC> a local mudane organization. 

 "MC> The group is the Northeastern Oklahoma Romance Writers Guild.  No
 "MC> kidding.

 "MC> Now, we've done demos for churches, scouts,
 "MC> But never the people who write bodice rippers.

 "MC> What's the most unusual demo your group has been asked to put on?

Uhhh...., the same thing <g>.  We did a demo like this for the local branch of
the Romance Writers Guild last summer.  Sounds like they put the word out on
the Guild grapevine.

The group down here seemed particularly interested in all the different forms
of "marriage" recognized in ancient Ireland.

Feicfidh me' ari's thu',

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