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Thu Mar 2 05:42:06 PST 1995

> Seriously, there's been very little change in a plain wooden chest for
> millenia.  Other than going from leather hinges to metal and from wooden pegs
> to metal nails, they're still pretty much the same.

I do not know if I will be able to use wooden pegs, but certainly shall
try. What I am more concerned with is the type of joints to use. Are all
of the boxes to just be butt joints (ie flat long grain to flat short
grain?) or am I able to use such things as finger joints? What type of
fastener to keep them closed? What type of handles? Most importantly,
where can I look for this information?
> Now, if you want to style them after boxes from a particular time and place,
> then details like hinges and nails will become more important.

I unfortunately have not decided beyond early period yet. *sigh* Yes, I
realize this is a very broad spectrum, but until I have worked it out in
my head, I don't want to decide on anything. Unfortunately, I will need
boxes long before me and my lady have finalized times and places of our


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