Out of the frying pan. . . .

Alan M. Kook akook at sam.neosoft.com
Thu Mar 2 13:47:00 PST 1995


My wife was at the receiving end of one of these postings as you well know.
 I have used the academic and commerial e-mail airways for over 20 years. 
And, I know that the flame is an acceptable form of dissatisfaction with an
opinion on the net.

This person, who is a professional in the computer field, has demonstrated
time and time again, on at least two alternative newsgroups, a disreguard
and a distain for other "less informed" users.  To me, if it were in my
power, I would have this shining example but off the list.  

Cliche time:

As the song goes '...the bigger the circle, the more the love grows...'. 
The bigger internet gets, the more information flows around the block and
around the world.  

I have seen the net grow from e-mail to gopher to mosaic;  AND IT IS
WONDERFUL :-) :-)  :-)   etc.....    

Let's let the wonder continue and let's also be alert for people who abuse
their privilege which ITT, MCI and Sprint have given us. 

A note of warning to us all is that people like our Vice President, Al
Gore, want to limit our freedom on the net (not fully documented even
though public radio may say so).  People who go out of their way to hurt
people like this man, Michael L., will help this process along.

Michael, please limit your responses to kind words of correction,  the rest
is not necessary. Your remarks and actions on the net have betrayed you and
you no long have the cloak of anonymity to hide behind.  And, now as a
"public" figure, you will find who your real friends are out there in
hyperspace.  I hope you like the target that you fashioned for yourself.

"If life is a bowl of cherries, then why am I always in the pits."

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