North Texas Irish Festival

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Fri Mar 3 08:10:12 PST 1995

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> 	 To anyone who does go, may I recommend that you attend one of the
> 	 performances of "Ceili's Muse."  The Muses (Mary, Maggie, Melanie,

I have seen them numerous times in Stargate, as I used to live there!  
Wonderful, wonderful group!!!

> 	 Another Houston (with SCA ties) band that will be performing at
> 	 the North Texas Irish Festival, is the "Flying Fish Sailors." I
> 	 really hate it when they and the 'Muses both play on the same
> 	 night.  These guys play folk music with an emphasis on the
> 	 nautical, I've been glad to have them play for my court on more
> 	 than one occasion.

I have a videotape of these guys in performance at the Duck, made by a 
friend of mine, wherein they say hi to me, exiled in Denton for grad school.  
Every time they played at the Mucky Duck or somewhere else, I was there.  At 
least, until I moved to Elfsea.  Great music, again, and lots of fun to be had
by all.

Didn't these two groups occasionally give performances together? I seem 
to remember at least one occasion where they both performed at the Duck 
on the same night.

> > 	 Both groups also have CDs that are well worth the price.

Bran, will you please email privately as to what CDs they have out now?  
I only have one tape of the Fish and none for the Muses.

Emher ni Maille

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