Thanks to all...

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Tue Mar 7 06:09:09 PST 1995

Good Morning,

  Before getting on with my thanks, there is some final business.
  I would like to put an end to something that I see as appaling.
  Contacting someone's place of employment is clearly not the way to
  get a problem resolved, especially if this does not involve their
  work. Working though channels is the correct way to do things, but
  going outside of those channels to seek, what I see as, revenge is
  just uncalled for. This particular incident did, questionably,
  involve both the SCA as well as the ISP, but it clearly did not
  involve the person's place of employment, certainly not the need for
  a second call when the first did not achieve one's desires. (The
  reason I say this is that the place of employment saw it this way,
  and did nothing.) I do not know if the person(s) involved are
  personally on this list, but if you know who did this, please inform
  them to stop. (My apologies to Viscount Galen for being impatient
  and not waiting for input, but I wish for this entire incident to be
  behind the list.)

  As well, I will be contacting Her Majesty this evening to try to
  resolve what issues remain for the Society. I had contacted His
  Majesty last week since I was informed to contact the Crown, but
  unfortunately he had not been included in any of this so we were at a
  loss for being able to communicate effectively.

  Now, I would like to thank everyone on the list for their support as
  of late. This has been a trying time for everyone on the list, and I
  was glad to have support from people on all three sides of this
  situation. I am glad that I was not completely off base and able to
  deal with it such that everyone appreciated or atleast acknowledged
  the effort. I am new to being a list maintainer, and even newer to
  actually being involved in SCA politics and uncertain of how to do
  either effectively. Please bare with me in the future.
  Although not everything has been completely resolved, I think as far
  as this list is concerned it is. Atleast it is NOW. Personal contacts
  to myself are more than welcomed, but do not continue this on the
  list. If there is need to open the issues again, I will do so myself.
  Please do not take it upon yourself to do so.

  On a completely different note, I will try to get a rough draft of
  the beginnings of a charter out this evening if at all possible.

  Thanks to one and all.


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