Thanks to all...

Fox Purtill blackfox at
Tue Mar 7 07:16:47 PST 1995

>  Now, I would like to thank everyone on the list for their support as
>  of late. This has been a trying time for everyone on the list, and I
>  was glad to have support from people on all three sides of this
>  situation. I am glad that I was not completely off base and able to
>  deal with it such that everyone appreciated or atleast acknowledged
>  the effort. I am new to being a list maintainer, and even newer to
>  actually being involved in SCA politics and uncertain of how to do
>  either effectively. Please bare with me in the future.

>Phelim Uhtred Gervase | "I want to be called COTTONTIPS. There is something 
>Barony of Bryn Gwlad  |  graceful about that lady. A young woman bursting with 
>House Flaming Dog     |  vigor. She blinked at the sudden light. She writes
>pug at  |  beautiful poems. When ever shall we meet again?"

 I think you have handled this problem well.  I also wish to state that I am 
pleased you have provided this list and by the information usually passed in 
it.  Without this list I would have been at a loss while trying to get back 
into the SCA.
 Many Thanks to pug personally, for his aid to Catriona and I upon the 
Internet (jher too).

Lord Crispin L. Starblade
Bryn Gwlad - Ansteorra

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