Cavalier Days, Canturbury Fair

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Tue Mar 7 07:56:29 PST 1995

On Tue, 7 Mar 1995 ches at wrote:

> Neat!  Is there going to be a nifty Cavalier Garbing session before Cavalier 
> days?  I have 4 people interested including myself.  The best days for us are 
> fridays and sunday mornings before 12 noon.
> Ciao
>  Ches

No such session is planned that I know of.  The way I see it Clare and I 
are pretty swamped between now and then, but she is much more a sucker 
for this sort of thing than I am. :-)

Seriously though, the thing that would really get such a session off the 
ground would be for someone to host it and start recruiting folks to 
attend.  I'll bet Clare could be drafted to attend and give people 
advice, etc.  If so, she would also bring some of our resources such as 
our several books, our various Cav garb and me (I am too a resource). 
What she couldn't do is the actual sewing -- her arms are better, but not 
up to spending a whole day sewing.

Anyway, other folks to ask include Kathern Harwell (Nan Bradford, Sir 
Connor's wife), Dona Gwenneth Glamorgan (esp. for hats), Aethelyan of 
Moondragon, Aeruin Sreagan (Duncan of Dunheath's wife) and, of course, 
Geoffrey Scrimshir. Any of these folks who could be recruited would be 
great resources.

Then you would need to start talking it up, perhaps distribute 
announcements at fighter practice.  Not too much work for an industrious 

So, any takers? Anybody wanna get it rolling?


P.S. - Ches, does Hancock's still offer SCAers a discount on purchases? 
What are the details?

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