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> Savian says:
> >P.S. - Ches, does Hancock's still offer SCAers a discount on purchases? 
> >What are the details?
> Have they ever done this? If so, I'm going to be upset. Not because they
> do, but because I've been going there for five years and didn't know to
> ask for a discount.
> Stefan li Rous
> Barony of Bryn Gwlad

I think so but, hey! Let's wait for Ches' reply and we'll all know.


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Well.......if you are a home ec. or a UT textiles student your teacher can go 
to the manager and get a 10% discount card for each of her students.  For the 
SCA members that want to do a fast talk roll, you can tell the manager that you 
are a nonprofit organization show her/him your nonprofit paper work and tell 
them that you teach sewing lessons on a regular basis.  They may give you the 
cards at that point.  The manager at the North location is Jim, the central 
location is Ms. Ruppert, south (where I work) is Keith Aspenwald.  I am not a 
manager or even an assistant.  I am peon employee number 1631 :).  If there is 
another type of discount available to us, I do not know about it, but I will be 
at work tomorrow and will ask.  There is however a franchise of Hancock's with 
an 800 number that may do this on a regular basis: 800-845-8723 or 
800-262-2723.  Franchises usually have their own policies.

Will my newsletter label count as a proof?  I misplaced my cards!!

A class, hum, well this friday a number of us have the day off and we are 
making a run to London's for a fabric fest, (the one on 360).  After that we 
would love to have you and anyone else join us (before even) for the first 
phase of the class.  I know this is short notice but we have so little time 
that once a week is all we can spare.  On saturday those of us not working are 
going to the Twins' home for a sewing fest. It is to last until fighter 
practice sunday morn.  If anyone wants that address I will foward it with 
directions and phone numbers.  You are asked to bring 4.5 yards of fabric and a 
sewing machine if you have one.


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