Info on the Tourney of the Round Table

Fox Purtill blackfox at
Thu Mar 9 06:05:18 PST 1995

This not what was meant I don't think.  Information on an upcoming event 
belings IN the mailing list.  Private mail is personal mail that has no 
bearing to SCA people who are here.  For instance, a letter from my 
step-father telling me coming to visit would not belong on the list, however 
a letter from Gedkin the Scribe saying he was traveling to Bryn Gwlad on a 
research mission would be just fine. (Gedkin is my stepfather in case that 
was too vague).

I would much rather have public when and where events are, without that 
information at this time we have no way of finding out ourselves.

>        I was hoping that someone could send me information on the Tourney 
>of the Round Table to be held in Bryn/College Station on March 24-26.  All 
>four of us who live here are in between membership renewals and are not 
>getting Black Stars.  Any information would be helpful. 
>        Remember to send it to:
>                 Isabella_and_Benedict at 
>and not to the list.  This is out of consideration for those who are 
>insulted by private mail sent publicly.  We all need to give a little to get 
>                                                Thanks,
>                                                Isa

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