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Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Thu Mar 9 07:10:16 PST 1995

 Diarmuit Ui Dhuinn asks:

>In Tourneys, what *exactly* is a "Swiss Five", and are there different
>styles of even that use the same name?

In a word, Yes. I have been list mistress at several Guardian Tourneys,
and the most basic definition of a "Swiss Five" is that each fighter will
get to fight 5 rounds. After that basic definition is where it gets more
complex. Each round can use a completely different type of weapon style
from the one previous (ie: Sword & Shield; Single Sword; Polearm; Mass 
Weapon & Shield; Florentine), or it's been done where the fighters 
alternate weapon styles (ie: Sword & Shield; Mass Weapon; Sword & Shield;
Single Sword; Sword & Shield). The list can be run very structured where
everyone in round 2 uses Polearms (for example). Or it can be run very
flexible where each fighter decides what style he/she will use in each 
round (and sometimes the list mistress is expected to keep track of the 
style used).

Anyway that's how Swiss Five's are run up here. :-)    

Estrill Swet

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