R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Fri Mar 10 12:32:57 PST 1995

> >Bryn Gwlad Hospitaler -
> >     Ysabeau S Prahy (Lisa Cochran) 512/444-2940
> >Ffynnon Gath Hospitaler -
> >     H.L. Elein Janais L'Orfevrerie (Jan Van Zandt) 512/392-8141
> >       or (Cory Van Zandt) 512/396-7628
> >       [Note: Both numbers reach Jan]
> >[ More needed to fill in here after consulting Hospitalers ]
> It might be simpler to just list the Kingdom Hospitaller, Lord Michael de
> la Mare, rather than trying to obtain (and update) information on the forty
> or so individual groups.

This is the net, updating information is fairly quick easy and painless
(and obtaining ain't much harder).

The kingdom hospitaller, if you can ever get ahold of them, tend to be in
large part pretty useless for most people. They rarely know anything useful
other than the name of the person who was supposed to be hospitaller 3-4
months ago. It is almost always a Long Distance Call to get ahold of them
and in general a hassle.

An online list of group hospitallers and regular meeting places would be a
Very Good Idea, whether or not that should be included in this document
though is a bit more problematical. Should we assume that everyone reading
the document with have full net access (ftp, www, gopher, etc.) and the
skills to use them. *Pause for series of sniggering and suppressed laughter*
Or should we expect them to have no more net access than that bare minimum
given to the unfortunates stuck on AoL? If all they can get is simple Email
than we probably should include as much information as possible in the mailer
(unless we expect them to be swift enough to make majordomo send out idividual

But one thing, shouldn't we include mundane names of places?

>                                         Gwenllia 


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