Charter Rough Draft #1

James Crouchet crouchet at
Mon Mar 13 07:34:48 PST 1995

On Thu, 9 Mar 1995, Pug wrote:

> Good Morning,
>   Well here is rough draft #1 of the charter. This charter is taken from

> o This mailing list is for discussion of the SCA as pertains to the
>   Kingdom of Ansteorra.  This includes the states of Texas and
>   Oklahoma.  If your message does not pertain to the SCA, then it is
>   inappropriate for this list.  Discussion of other Kingdoms in the SCA
>   should not be discussed here, except their impact on the Kingdom of
>   Ansteorra or with respect to events as discussed below.  For more
>   complete introductions to the SCA, see the recurring postings "Come
>   on in -- the water's fine" (by Hal Ravn [whheydt at]) and
>   "Life in the Current Middle Ages." (by Arval Benicour
>   [mittle at]) in the Usenet newsgroup
> o This mailing list is inappropriate to discuss aspects of other groups
>   such as High Fantasy Society (HFS), International Fantasy Gaming
>   Society (IFGS), Brigadoon and other groups that are fantasy or
>   historically related that are not the SCA. Please note, this does not
>   restrict them or anyone else from partaking in discussions, just that
>   the material is to be confined to SCA related items.

It seems to me that any attempt to list all the items one can and can't 
discuss on this list necessarly produces an unreadably large list.  A few 
guidelines dealing with common subjects, such as those above, are 
approprate, but I feel it should be made clear that these are guidelines 
only and that the real definition of what is approprate to post here is 
those items that can reasonably be expected to be of general interest to 
the members of this list.

As an example, your guidelines prohibit discussion of HFS & Amptguard. 
But what if they wish to invite us to hold a joint event?  What if we are
working together on something? This is what is happening with Canturbury
Fair. They might even just want to invite us to a special event, like 

And as for discussion of other kingdoms, what if I am looking for a ride 
to Grand Outlandish, or I want to encourage folks to go to the Estrella 

Now, I think a reasonable person would see these items as germain, but 
there are always the pickers of nit that will quote the charter as they 
gleefully mail-bomb the poster or worse, the list.

Just my 2 Francs worth,


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