Charter Rough Draft #1

Fox Purtill blackfox at
Mon Mar 13 10:15:41 PST 1995

>As an example, your guidelines prohibit discussion of HFS & Amptguard. 
>But what if they wish to invite us to hold a joint event?  What if we are
>working together on something? This is what is happening with Canturbury
>Fair. They might even just want to invite us to a special event, like 
>And as for discussion of other kingdoms, what if I am looking for a ride 
>to Grand Outlandish, or I want to encourage folks to go to the Estrella 

I have to agree in part with this, however.  Assume SCA is on a joint 
venture with HFS/Amtgard or any other group.  This does still agree with the 
original concept as we are still discussing SCA business and events.  
However if I were to start discussing the Mid-reign we just went went to 
(Amtgard) or the upcomming Amtgard Coronation which is not related to SCA 
business that would not be relevant to this list.

I do agree that to leave out other kingdoms would be pointless.  We run a 
local SCAnet BBS and I have subscribed to a Caid message base to keep up on 
old friends and to work on some other projects.  I can see an old Ansteorran 
moving and staying in touch or another person planning to attend some 
Ansterorra events.  I don't see that keeping other kingdoms excluded from 
this list will have any benefit except perhaps to alienate us from our 

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