Charter Rough Draft #1

Pug pug at
Mon Mar 13 10:41:53 PST 1995

> I have to agree in part with this, however.  Assume SCA is on a joint 
> venture with HFS/Amtgard or any other group.  This does still agree with the 
> original concept as we are still discussing SCA business and events.  
> However if I were to start discussing the Mid-reign we just went went to 
> (Amtgard) or the upcomming Amtgard Coronation which is not related to SCA 
> business that would not be relevant to this list.

This is exactly the wording I tried to get. I will see if I can get a
more clear concept so as to not disuade joint discussions from

> I do agree that to leave out other kingdoms would be pointless.  We run a 
> local SCAnet BBS and I have subscribed to a Caid message base to keep up on 
> old friends and to work on some other projects.  I can see an old Ansteorran 
> moving and staying in touch or another person planning to attend some 
> Ansterorra events.  I don't see that keeping other kingdoms excluded from 
> this list will have any benefit except perhaps to alienate us from our 
> neighbors.

I had *meant* to do the same here as with HFS/Amtgard/etc. I assume
that trying to contact members here, trying to get information on
Ansteorran events or just wanting to keep up from another Kingdom, trying
to get information on Ansteorran's going to other Kingdom/Knowne World
events, etc are all fair game. I don't think a discussion that would
not have relavence to the members of the list should take place
though. This one is a lot more grey than the HFS/Amtgard line.


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