Ansteorran Archery

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Mon Mar 13 13:24:49 PST 1995

>>Stefan wrote 
>Marie replied

>>I am looking for the latest Ansteorran rules on combat
>>archery. I am paticularly interested in the rules
>>regarding the new solid rubber tips.

>The Ansteorran marshallate handbook (1994) that was sent to all who receive
>the Blackstar contains this information. You can also contact the Earl
>Sir Barn Silveraxe who can give you this information also.
>Anyone out there with with a handbook, that can help Stefan?

I have a copy of the handbook somewhere, and it does not mention THISTLE
MISSILES anywhere.  The Thistle Missiles come from the West, and are
available in lots of 50 or more from the following:
        Arrowsmith Products:
        Stephan MacAlpine   (SCA)

They are easy to attach to bolts/arrows, and can be removed and placed on
spare shafts as needed.  I have been using them for over a year now, and
have not had any problems with them.

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