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>>mordraut writes:
>Marie writes:

>>I have a copy of the handbook somewhere, and it does not mention THISTLE
>>MISSILES anywhere.  The Thistle Missiles come from the West, and are
>>available in lots of 50 or more from the following:
>I am going to ask a real stupid and touch subject here, are we using
>weapons (ie: these thistle missles) that have not been approved by the
>Ansteorran Earl Marshall and Archery Marshall and signed into Kingdom law? 
>Uh, could cost us some insurance problem if the things are not recognized
>by corporate documentation or Kingdom documentation. Sounds like just a
>simple matter of getting the specs to Sir Barn and getting the things
>recognized in the handbook (which is part of Kingdom Law). Even if we
>just wanted to write up a set of temporary "study" rules to cover ourselves,
>and print them in the Blackstar (after running them by Barn) until we
>have something everyone is happy with. Or do the existing combat archery
>rules give a broad enough description of the arrow heads to cover the
>specific "thistle missle"?

I have been using the Thistle points since Leon was Kingdom Archery Marshal,
and somewhere in my records is an authorization from him.  I have been using
them for over a year, and have never had an archery marshal question them.
They are being used a lot in the south portions of the kingdom.  They are
SCA legal, so I assume that the SCA insurance will cover them.

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