Charter Rough Draft #1

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Tue Mar 14 07:57:31 PST 1995

> #1 - Why the redundancy with the "Welcome" statement and the first part 
> of the intro? I would either say it once, or find another way to say it 
> the second time around.

To be quite honest, it's due to seeing the same format for other
newsgroups charters. I will remove the redundancy.

> If these groups are doing something (demo, class, sca attending 
> CONvention) in conjunction *with* the SCA, then I would think it 
> appropriate to discuss that "thing" on this list. And I would think a 
> small (ie, one-two line) request for anyone with more info on 
> such-n-such non-sca group or thing (like a Con), requesting replies to 
> be sent via private e-mail, would not be out of order.

I will see if I can get wording to this as well as the suggestions of
others in the charter.

> Someone stated in another response that the discussion had to connect 
> to Ansteorra in some fashion, even if very slim. I don't think that's 
> totally possible. If that's true, then my posting earlier today on the 
> availability of the sca-dance mailing list would not be allowed (since 
> it's not directly related to Ansteorra.)

This is most definately related to the populace of Ansteorra, as well as
the members of the list. I know quite a few people who enjoy dancing in
the Society. As well, I'll make sure it allows for the announcement of
lists/ftpsite/webpages that are of interest to the populace.

> I'm a little confused by your example. What exactly do you mean by 
> "mundane sewing"? Do you mean:
> Or is it a reference to making non-sca 
> clothing/items on a sewing machine? Definitely not OK.

This is exactly the example I wanted. I will expand/clarify it.

> And the guilds. Is this discussion on *any* guild that exists in the 
> sca or only ones in Ansteorra? (Ties in with early statements on 
> interkingdom anthropology)

I think the discussion of *any* guild that the members of the populace
of Ansteorra are interested in are fine. I will see if I can yet again
make things more clear.

> >[ More needed to fill in here after consulting Hospitalers ]
> Someone suggested listing all the groups Hospitalers. Seems a little 
> over kill. I would suggest listing the Kingdom Hospitaler & the Five 
> Regional Hospitalers, with some kind of definition of the regions 
> included, so that new people could try and figure out what region they 
> are in.

I think this is probably the best suggestion. I know that I wouldn't
like to keep this up in the Charter. The SCA web page could have all of
them listed if need be. I have plans for the Charter to be the "info"
file for the list and all new members getting a copy of it. This means
that it only has to be valid then really.

> Include at least one Web page number as well (for those of us that Web 
> but don't ftp).

I certainly will. That was my mistake since this was taken from a
charter that had a FAQ that went with it.


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