Black Powder

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Tue Mar 14 11:42:45 PST 1995

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>At Kingdom Dance, Sir Barn made an announcement in court concerning 
>the use of "chemically powered projectile weapons"....

Ya know, an arguement can be made that Bows are chemically powered
projectile weapons....  :)

I assume, however, that he's referring to the acetylene devices since
Black Powder's not used in the SCA, at least not around here.

>I am curious as to which of these versions (or variation in between) 
>is the official one, and I'm also curious as to what people's thoughts 
>and feelings are on the subject.

I'm curious as to which version is correct as well (not that I use the silly
things).  Personally, I fail to see why the Society is so prosecution and
safety paranoid that Black Powder competitions aren't allowed, since they 
*are* allowed in some other historical costume groups, but that's just
me.  At this rate, it should be less than a few years before swords are
no longer allowed as part of garb...(*mutter*kvetch*gripe*)

Does that succintly enough express my opinion, Ma'am?

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