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Tue Mar 14 12:17:05 PST 1995

>Mordraut writes (of Thistle Missles):

>> They are SCA legal, so I assume that the SCA insurance will cover them.

>Ansteorran legal, maybe.  The last SCA-wide armor and weapons
>standards that I saw is silent on the subject.
That is my point. I am not sure they are written up in Kingdom Law either. I
will check with Barn this weekend at Gulf Wars. We plan on meeting with the
Society Knight Marshall and I will ask both about thistle missles. If the
SCA does not currently recognize the heads, I think it is time they did some-
thing about it.

>As for the SCA's insurance, it only covers the Corporate officers and
>employees.  Kingdom and local officers (and most definitely
>participants) are _not_ covered.
Well, not quite true. The SCA insurance will cover any property damage done
by these missles if the site owner chooses to file. It does indeed cover 
Corporate officers and Board Members if they are acting in their capacity
as officers of the corporation. I also have a definitive on what I am about
to tell you, after conversations with Sedelia at the Known World
Seneschal's meeting at Estrella (the following is also included in this
month's Ansteorran Seneschal's mailing). Kingdom Officers, their kingdom
level deputies, local group officers (Seneschal, Treasurer, Knight Marshall,
A&S.... etc), King, Queen, Prince, Princess ARE COVERED by a rider on the
SCA Insurance policy, while acting in their capacity as an officer of the
Corporation. The officers MUST BE WARRANTED officers (ie: recognized
by the chain of command), which is why we updated and standardized the 
warranting process in this Kingdom. The Warrant is crucial. WARRANTED event
autocrats are also covered. If you autocrat an event, make sure the local
seneschal WARRANTS you as the autocrat, forms are in their files. The autocrat
warrant should be kept with the event reports in the local seneschal's files.

NOTE: The following are NOT covered by the insurance: Landed Nobility, Court
Nobility, Peers, Marshalls "at large", Chriurgeons "at large" (the only
Marshalls and Chriurgeons covered are those who are warranted Kingdom or
Regional or Local group officers), waterbearers etc.... you get the picture.
You must be a warranted officer in the chain of command of the corporation.

>Mikjal Annarbjorn

Kingdom Seneschal, Ansteorra

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