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>I'd written:

>> >As for the SCA's insurance, it only covers the Corporate officers and
>> >employees.  Kingdom and local officers (and most definitely
>> >participants) are _not_ covered.

>Lady Maire responded:

>> Well, not quite true. The SCA insurance will cover any property damage done
>> by these missles if the site owner chooses to file.

>Well, maybe, depending on the circumstances, and (most especially) if
>the damamge exceeds the deductible on the current policy.  A group
>here in Calontir got burned on that one, and the shire seneschal had
>to pay for a porta-potty that got damaged at an event out of her own
>pocket.  (Luckily, lots of folks chipped in to help cover the cost.)
Yep, thanks for mentioning it. There is a deductible that the group would
need to cover in some manner. I find it rather unusual that the autocrat
and not the group hosting the event would be "responsible" for the
deductible tho.

>And, of course, personal injuries to participants aren't covered, at
>all (unless you can prove liability by an SCA officer who is covered).

>> It does indeed cover 
>> Corporate officers and Board Members if they are acting in their capacity
>> as officers of the corporation. I also have a definitive on what I am about
>> to tell you, after conversations with Sedelia at the Known World
>> Seneschal's meeting at Estrella (the following is also included in this
>> month's Ansteorran Seneschal's mailing). Kingdom Officers, their kingdom
>> level deputies, local group officers (Seneschal, Treasurer, Knight Marshall,
>> A&S.... etc), King, Queen, Prince, Princess ARE COVERED by a rider on the
>> SCA Insurance policy, while acting in their capacity as an officer of the
>> Corporation.
>I take it that this is a recent change.  Duke Cariadoc posted to the
>Rialto a couple of months back that the policy that he looked at
>didn't included anyone below Corporate (though he was still waiting
>for answers from the insurance agent to a few more questions).
>I'm glad that they were able to get a rider for these folks.
Don't know it it was recent, but this is what Sedelia told us at the meeting.
I asked specific questions about those I listed as not covered.

>> NOTE: The following are NOT covered by the insurance: Landed Nobility, Court
>> Nobility, Peers, Marshalls "at large", Chriurgeons "at large" (the only
>> Marshalls and Chriurgeons covered are those who are warranted Kingdom or
>> Regional or Local group officers), waterbearers etc.... you get the picture.
>> You must be a warranted officer in the chain of command of the corporation.
>Both Calontir and the Midrealm (the two kingdoms that I'm currently
>sure of) have "at large" marshalls warranted by the Kingdom Earl
>Marshall (in addition to the usual regional deputies and local group
>marshalls), and all chirugeons are warranted as "at large", though
>they may be unofficially associated with a local group.  Are there
>no "at large" officers in Ansteorra these days?  Or are we defining
>"at large" differently?
>Mikjal Annarbjorn
Be careful as to what you call "warranted". If the person does not show up
on a roster or a single warrant form that is signed by the crown and the
Kingdom level officer, they are not recognized as a "warranted" officer of
the corporation. This is the definition of what is "recognized" in Corpora
and Kingdom law. Just because you have a card given you by the Chirurgeon
or Marshall, does NOT mean you have a warrant.


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