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Lady Maire writes (concerning "at large" officers):

> Be careful as to what you call "warranted". If the person does not show up
> on a roster or a single warrant form that is signed by the crown and the
> Kingdom level officer, they are not recognized as a "warranted" officer of
> the corporation. This is the definition of what is "recognized" in Corpora
> and Kingdom law. Just because you have a card given you by the Chirurgeon
> or Marshall, does NOT mean you have a warrant.

Ah, I see your distinction now.  Both Calontir and the Midrealm have
"at large" officers (those not specifically associated with any
particular group or region) which _are_ listed on the kingdom roster.
In fact, all of the chirugeons are handled this way.  Ansteorra,
apparently, defines "at large" as a non-warranted officer, correct?

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