James Crouchet crouchet at
Wed Mar 15 00:07:05 PST 1995

Well, if the Earl Marshal announced that chemicaly powered projectiles 
are not allowed in combat, that is his right. In fact, I understood that 
is current SCA wide policy.

Of course, that may change if it is shown to be safe.  Just like fencing 
and combat archery. For now I will be happy just to have them and 
experiment with them -- not shoot anyone.

If he was banning them from events, he was spitting into the wind. *HE* 
does not have the authority to do so.  Only the kingdom Senechal or the 
Crown have the authority to make such a ruling. And I'm not sure about 
the Crown (though I WOULD obey them).

As for the period for firearms, by 1500 there were companies of 
musketeers and the "gonne" was a major force on the battlefield. This led 
(I think) directly to the decline of the sword and the transition from 
broadsword to rapier. Note that the Cloth of Gold tournament happened 
after 1500 (uh...1509?). And these weapons did not just spring up at the 
turn of the century -- COMPANYS of musketeers had been organized, 
recruited, trained, etc. by then and were a common occurance.  A company 
of musketeers accompanied Columbus on his second voyage which was 1502, I 
think. This is a far cry from Dumas's Guardsmen (later mistranslated as 
musketeers) in ~1620-1630. 

Still, I see your point, and such things do spoil any chance of an 
Authurian atmosphere but the cat was out of the bag when we started 
fencing. The only way to stuff the djinn back in the bottle would be to 
split our SCA activities and only allow early at this tournament, late at 
that. Not very likely. I'd say. Still, you won't see me with a musket at 
an early oriented event, rules or no.  It just wouldn't be polite.

[All dates above are approximate 'cause they are off the top of my head.]


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