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Dia duit!

 [Replying to a message of James Crouchet  to All]

 JC> Yea! Finally! Our unmanagable Black Star drives me nuts. And as the
 JC> the  bizzar size of the OP ... well, don't get me started.

 JC> We should come to grips with the facts that we are NOT trying to keep 
 JC> these books from being copied, and that some of us must use them as 
 JC> reference material. Give me a good 3-hole notebook any day.


What, specifically, are your complaints about the RoP (it's a Roll of
Precedence, not an Order of Precedence, since the listings therein are *not*
ordered by precedence)??

Since I first held the Zodiacus office, there have only been two editions of
the RoP that were *not* 3-hole punchable, one Master Giovanni did right after
I got the office and the mass-mailing in '93. The format of the '93 edition
was directly driven by publication and mailing costs. 

The edition I'm working on now will be 3-hole punchable (and will be available
from the Kingdom Stock Clerk).  I carry a copy with me to every event I attend
to look up name spellings for folks already listed and I can assure you that
the current format is eminently usable as a reference - in semi-darkness, no

If you've got valid suggestions, from having actually used the publication,
for changes to the format, I'll be happy to consider them, as I'm going to do
a complete re-write of the software during this stint as Zodiacus.

Feicfidh me' ari's thu',

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