Ansteorran Archery

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Wed Mar 15 06:53:16 PST 1995

To Maire and All, Greetings.
As of a conversation in the last couple of weeks between Sir Barn, myself and
others. Sir Barn expressed an opinion (not official) that the thistle tips
are okay on long bows, but was intending on examining them shot from crossbows
because at the northern region event last Feb. he was hit by one from a 
crossbow and it was a fairly hard shot. I think Sir Barn is intending on 
bringing the subject up at the Goofs meeting @ Gulf Wars. I shall remind him

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Subject: RE: Ansteorran Archery
Author:  Patricia Horton <horton at> at SMTP
Date:    3/13/95 4:25 PM

mordraut writes:
>I have a copy of the handbook somewhere, and it does not mention THISTLE 
>MISSILES anywhere.  The Thistle Missiles come from the West, and are 
>available in lots of 50 or more from the following:
I am going to ask a real stupid and touch subject here, are we using 
weapons (ie: these thistle missles) that have not been approved by the 
Ansteorran Earl Marshall and Archery Marshall and signed into Kingdom law? 
Uh, could cost us some insurance problem if the things are not recognized 
by corporate documentation or Kingdom documentation. Sounds like just a 
simple matter of getting the specs to Sir Barn and getting the things 
recognized in the handbook (which is part of Kingdom Law). Even if we
just wanted to write up a set of temporary "study" rules to cover ourselves, 
and print them in the Blackstar (after running them by Barn) until we
have something everyone is happy with. Or do the existing combat archery 
rules give a broad enough description of the arrow heads to cover the 
specific "thistle missle"?
(in Kingdom Seneschal mode)

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