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>Well, if the Earl Marshal announced that chemicaly powered projectiles 
>are not allowed in combat, that is his right. In fact, I understood that 
>is current SCA wide policy.
It is SCA wide policy. He has a copy of a policy decision by the BoD banning
this stuff in combat. He also has a copy of Sedelia's ruling on Black Powder
at events, ask him for the details. This ruling stands until the BoD discusses
her ruling at a board meeting and rules on her decision.

>If he was banning them from events, he was spitting into the wind. *HE* 
>does not have the authority to do so.  Only the kingdom Senechal or the 
>Crown have the authority to make such a ruling. And I'm not sure about 
>the Crown (though I WOULD obey them).
Actually, he has the authority at an event to stop any martial activities
that do now follow law or corpora or any other decision made by the board
or his boss, the Corporate Earl Marshall. He does not have the authority
to pull sanction on an event, that lies with the Seneschal. He could even
stop Crown Tournament if it is becoming obvious it is rigged or not following
the rules.



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