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This was forwarded to me from the early newsgroup, rec.music.early.

Lady Zahra Zena

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From: David Bishop <phdmb at utxdp.dp.utexas.edu>
Subject: Early Music FM (REPOST)
Date: 14 Mar 1995 19:34:52 GMT

To one and all:

I am an announcer and programmer on an "all classical" radio station in
Austin, Texas.  One year ago in April, I began to produce a weekly
one-hour early music program.  Listeners had been asking for such a
program for some time, and the show has been well received.  The problem
is that the radio station has a very limited collection of early music
recordings in any format, and although I supplement fairly often with
things from my own collection or things borrowed, it would be much better
to increase the station's holdings.  The station is almost entirely
listener supported and operates on a shoestring budget, so purchasing a
collection is not really an option.  If you or someone you know would
like to contribute promotional early music recordings to the station,
here's where to send them:

Charla Dain
3001 N. Lamar, Suite 100
Austin, Texas  78705

Historically informed performances of works written before c. 1750 would
be most appreciated, but vocal and instrumental works of the Middle Ages
and Renaissance are our greatest need.

E-mail responses to this message should be sent to the address below. 
Thanks, everyone!

Charla Dain
llcjd at utxdp.dp.utexas.edu

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