Ansteorran Archery

James Crouchet crouchet at
Thu Mar 16 09:16:45 PST 1995

On Wed, 15 Mar 1995, David Mann wrote:

> To Maire and All, Greetings.
> As of a conversation in the last couple of weeks between Sir Barn, myself and
> others. Sir Barn expressed an opinion (not official) that the thistle tips
> are okay on long bows, but was intending on examining them shot from crossbows
> because at the northern region event last Feb. he was hit by one from a 
> crossbow and it was a fairly hard shot. I think Sir Barn is intending on 
> bringing the subject up at the Goofs meeting @ Gulf Wars. I shall remind him
> tonight.
>                                                       Marke

Is that to say, a harder shot than he is use to taking from a sword? If 
so, it would be very interesting to know the poundage of the bow and the 

If the TMs are hitting harder than swords and polearms I guess they are 
in danger of crushing helms and shattering bones.<g>

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